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Used excavator market development of long way to go
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In recent years, the state's investment in infrastructure construction such as roads, railways, water conservancy and security houses has continued to increase, which directly boosted the demand for construction machinery. As the main force of construction machinery, the excavator market has developed rapidly. At the same time, second-hand excavators to cheap, cost-effective advantages of the user gradually recognized, the rapid increase in sales. Second-hand excavator market is also developing rapidly, but also exposed the second-hand excavator industry laws and regulations are not perfect, the tax system is not perfect, the evaluation criteria are not unified and other issues, this paper excavator market in China from the status quo, problems and future development Three aspects of China's second-hand excavator market analysis and elaboration.
Foreign brands occupy the majority of second-hand excavator market share
Currently in China used excavator trading market, the basic are Komatsu, Hitachi, Caterpillar and other foreign brands, especially Komatsu, Hitachi and other Japanese brands on China's second-hand excavator market greater impact, mainly due to Japan is The world's largest second-hand mobile phone exporting countries, has formed a stable supply of second-hand mobile phone, a large number of second-hand sources of goods in China are the vast majority from Japan into China. According to the source of the used excavator approach, we can put the current market circulation of used excavators are divided into the following four categories:
1, imported second-hand excavators: mainly Komatsu, Hitachi and other Japanese brands;
2, used in the market after one or more resale second-hand excavator: the basic flow through the private trade to second-hand excavator market;
3, the company transferred out of the second-hand rental excavator: mainly to use 3 to 5 years of machine-based;
4, Used refurbished second-hand excavator: used excavator by refurbisher manufacturer, distributor or refurbished plant.
In addition, there are many poor quality of the assembly equipment also occupy a certain market share, such equipment is often between private transactions, equipment quality, poor performance, generally only minor repairs or repair, and some even use the scrapped Equipment assembled.
According to HC D & B research, China's second-hand excavators to import and private transactions, these two types of equipment accounted for more than 80% of the total used excavator; and China's operating leasing company has not formed a certain scale, Used excavator market has little effect. It is noteworthy that the past two years, foreign, domestic excavator manufacturers and distributors of two mobile phone refurbished, remanufacturing business is developing rapidly, the future is likely to become China's two mobile phone one of the important sources of channels.
As we all know, according to the brand excavator can be divided into Europe and the United States Department of Japanese, Korean and domestic industries four categories. Caterpillar is Europe and the United States Department of brand representatives, 2006 Caterpillar in Shanghai remanufacturing plant put into operation, followed by 2009 Caterpillar and Yuchai cooperation in engine remanufacturing business. Followed by Volvo in 2011 in China also set up the first authorized second-hand equipment maintenance center.
Japan in the second-hand excavator renovation, remanufacturing business has accumulated a wealth of experience, has formed a standardized second-hand excavator renovation, re-manufacturing operations process. After 2000, Komatsu and Hitachi will be Japan's second-hand refurbished second-hand excavator, remanufacturing business model into China, and promote the development of China's second-hand excavator market. The following figure is a Japanese second-hand excavator recycling, refurbished remanufacturing flow chart:
Japan for the two mobile phone recycling assessment, spare parts refurbished / remanufactured, refurbished equipment sales and other links are designed to assess the detailed standards and operational standards to ensure that the refurbished remanufactured products to meet the user requirements for quality of two mobile phones.
South Korean brand Doosan in 2008 and Wuhan Maxima Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. joint venture to set up re-manufacturing plants, began to carry out re-manufacturing operations in China in 2010, the plant put into operation.
In recent years, China's excavator manufacturers have gradually carried out renovation, and then manufacturing operations, such as 2011 Sany Heavy Industry in Tianjin, Tangshan and other places to invest to set up re-manufacturing plant, Liugong also invested 70 million yuan to build spare parts manufacturing base and machine Re-manufacturing center, the whole, the Chinese excavator manufacturers in the second mobile phone refurbished, re-manufacturing business is still in the initial stage of development.
At present, the excavator manufacturers, dealers mainly through the TM to recycle second-hand excavator, and then second-hand excavator refurbished, and then manufacturing, excavator manufacturers or dealers to carry out second-hand excavator business purpose is to promote the new car Sales. Domestic brands have just carried out second-hand excavator TM to business, trade-in business is very low proportion of foreign brands TM to sales of the total sales of the proportion of mostly about 10%, the future this proportion will continue to increase.
Imperfect system is the biggest problem
China's second-hand excavator market after 10 years of development, although there is a certain market size, but China's second-hand excavator market is not mature and stable, or in the initial stage of development, used excavator market operations management, There are many problems:
First of all, the lack of sound laws and regulations to regulate and regulate China's second-hand excavator market. Although in recent years the state has introduced some of the second-hand machinery policies and regulations, but did not form a complete and standardized system, there are many legal gaps, such as the market now exists in the sale of scrap should be used excavators, private transactions lead to tax management Blank areas and so on.
Second, the state has yet to develop a unified tax system. The provinces of the second-hand equipment transactions in the tax basically according to local policy implementation, and some by value-added tax levy, and some according to business tax levy, the highest 17%, the lowest 2%, the tax rate difference is poor, tax standards are also unified Market development of the key factors. And manufacturers or distributors and then recycling old machines, the face is often a personal customer, unable to invoice, which is bound to increase the operating costs of manufacturers or distributors.
Again, second-hand excavator evaluation system is not unified. Although all construction machinery manufacturers have their own independent evaluation of the value of second-hand excavator standards, but not yet formed a unified scientific evaluation of second-hand construction machinery standards, some construction machinery manufacturers or distributors in the actual assessment of the work of the lack of scientific basis , Arbitrary large. Due to the lack of appropriate national standards of the normative, but also makes the buyers and sellers in the second-hand excavator product identification differences, thus affecting the orderly flow of second-hand excavator transactions.
Finally, the refurbishment, re-manufacturing business costs are higher, the basic business to maintain low-profit business. The reasons for this situation are mainly two aspects: on the one hand, China's construction machinery industry, the importance of the maintenance of equipment is not enough, especially in China excavator users to individual users based on maintenance and maintenance of excavators into less, resulting in recovery After the excavator parts damage, in this basis and then refurbished, and then the cost of manufacturing is necessarily higher. On the other hand, China excavator users of second-hand excavators have not yet formed the correct understanding of the concept of second-hand equipment that must be low prices, refurbished excavator after the transaction price is not high, small profit margins, plus the state No preferential tax measures, refurbished remanufacturing operations can only maintain low-profit business, and some even loss-making business.
Scale, younger age, standardization is the future direction of development
The future development of China's second-hand excavator market is characterized by the largest scale. After more than 10 years of rapid development, China has become the world's largest excavator market, with the use of excavators in the future, there will be more second-hand excavator flow to the market, China will become the world's largest second-hand excavator market . At the same time, China's excavator market structure will also change: the coastal areas of the excavator market has gradually become saturated, the future sales of new cars will gradually decline, and second-hand excavator sales by virtue of its price advantage will gradually increase; Central and western regions to increase investment in construction, excavator market began to shift the focus of the central and western regions, and because the future will have a lot of second-hand excavator flow to the central and western regions, new car sales in the central and western regions will cause a certain impact, The region will form a second-hand excavators and new cars compete with the market structure.
The next second-hand excavator products will be the direction of the development of younger age. In recent years, China's construction machinery leasing industry has developed rapidly, in addition to third-party rental companies, more and more manufacturers and distributors to carry out leasing business. Whether it is a third-party rental companies or manufacturers, distributors, in order to improve the overall profitability of equipment, taking into account the value of used equipment exit channels, usually 3-5 years will be updated rental equipment sold to the second mobile phone market, individual users Will be overhauled before the equipment sold to two mobile phone market. However, due to economic instability in recent years, two mobile phone business and operational risks, equipment update time is gradually reduced, a large number of 2 to 3 years of equipment also began to flow to the second mobile phone market, second-hand excavator market products will gradually appear younger .
Finally, China's second-hand construction machinery is gradually to the standardization and maturity of the direction of development, in 2009 the national equipment leasing and second-hand equipment, professional members, completed the "second-hand equipment circulation technical standards General" standard development and approval work, in March 2010 1 September formally promulgated and implemented; September 2010, began to start "second-hand excavators, loaders, concrete pump truck, truck crane," the drafting of four circulation technical standards. The future of China's second mobile phone market will be in the laws and regulations, tax system, evaluation system, etc. continue to develop and improve.
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